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Times Square will hold a digital New Year’s Eve celebration to ring in 2021

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Charlotte Caffey, Belinda Carlisle, Gina Shock, Kathy Valentine & Jane Wiedlin

Pregnant transgender man reveals he stopped his hormone therapy to conceive his husband’s baby and is now a ‘seahorse dad’ expecting their first child

From Frank:
Since I recently upgraded my phone to iPhone11 and iPhone 12 is on the way and all of us use WiFi, I will once again take the time to remind you that this woman, along with George Antheil, is the reason it all exists. The US government did not grant her the patents she needed and she never made a dime from it. Always say thank you to Hedy Lamarr.

The New York town of Swastika votes to keep its name

The Broadway Relief Project: The Singer’s Mask

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This is what happens to your body over months in isolation

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5)    Toots & The Maytals – Freedom Train (1988) (Wr. Larry Rogers, Steve Bogard & Carl Wells) RT: 4:26

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1)    Ona Tzar – Pandora’s Twilight (2019) – 3:37

2)    Melvin Lil’ Son Jackson – Rockin’ & Rollin’ (1950) RT: 2:30

3)    Roy Orbison – Blue Bayou (1963) RT: 2:29

4)    LaVern Baker & The Gliders – Jim Dandy (1956,#1 on R&B Charts) RT: 2:11

5)    Ike & Tina Turner – Shake A Hand (1985, Golden Empire..Unreleased Songs) RT: 3:40

6)    John Lennon & The Plastic Ono Band – Hold On (1970) RT: 1:52

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so let me say it which is hebrew for a good year because it is now the jewish new year rosh hashanah is in progress waiting for young kippur to come come across this coming weekend i believe it is the year 5781 and just wanted to say a good year to everyone sitting with me on the other end of this connection somewhere in her tropical resort with a recently new hairstyle is of course the short-haired jade zabrick you can always find out what jade is doing find out about her at sky’s or the you’re about to ban where they’re where they’re singing where they’re dancing whatever it is they’re doing this week and yeah go check out the site give it a hit see what’s going on i’ll be there look at my picture um yeah it’s another interesting week in Gotham city if you remember that line that’s from the old batman show every every time it opened up it started out with the narrator saying another sunny day in Gotham city what have we got to talk about oh well uh let’s let’s go with uh a story that pisses me off the most i forgot to announce last august 19th last month mark david chapman was denied parole for the 11th time do you know who mark david chapman is this is the low life that killed john lennon mark david chapman has now issued an apology the Yoko ono 40 years later uh yeah 1980 yeah wow 1980 40 years later says that he did it for self glory okay he did it for self glory and i have been asking myself since that night why would anyone want to kill john lennon but i remember i remember how it was flashed on the news to be quite honest i remember it yeah it was during monday night football howard cosell made the announcement along with frank gifford and don meredith and the quote is the news first they debated on whether to do it they didn’t know what to do with it they had this newsflash in the middle of monday football the miami dolphins were playing the new england patriots and howard cosell said and i quote we have to say it remember this is just the football game no matter who wins or loses an unspeakable tragedy confirmed to us by abc news in new york city john lennon outside of his apartment building on the west side of new york city the most famous perhaps of all the beatles shot twice in the back rushed to roosevelt hospital dead on arrival hard to go back to the game after that news which in duty bound we had to take i remember that well um yeah he’s been denied parole 11 times let him stay in jail put him in a dingier hole on the ground somewhere let him rot in darkness and that’s all i gotta say about that yeah i have been saying every now and then why would anyone want to kill every time i hear one of john lennon’s songs why would anybody want to kill him well somebody found the reason they wanted a little they wanted a little glory well 40 years later we still wish john west’s in peace um let’s get to a little more ridiculous story i find this where i i pull everything off the new york post because it covers everyone’s news feeds lebron james uh is cannot believe that laurie loughlin gets to pick her prison you know laurie laflin the one who paid for her kid to get into usd and bribe whoever she could bribe and all that now she has to serve two months behind bars and of course there’ll be community service and whatever else you have to do and she gets to pick her own prison uh i can’t believe it either i really can’t that test is incredible i mean yes she has celebrity but not that great well she does now um i never heard of that somebody getting to pick their own prison at least i never heard of it in the press certainly when something goes on a closed-door meeting between the judge and the lawyers yeah you don’t know why people maybe they go for a better medical facility whatever it is this woman is getting to pick her own prison which she’s choosing the one closest to her home so that all her neighbors can see her and yeah larry loughner is getting to choose her own prison which lebron james cannot believe of course and it says he says of her what i’m laughing because sometimes you just have to stop from crying and that’s what that’s what uh lebron said she will get to serve her two-month sentence at the prison of her choice so it doesn’t make no damn sense to me we just want the same treatment that’s committed of the same crime that’s all is that asking too much let me guess it is uh well yeah i know i’m reading i’m not babbling this is what i’m reading um we’ll just keep pushing forward not expecting handouts strong black and powerful all right he’s right he’s right um i cannot tell you of this white privilege or if it’s just celebrity but they don’t have to ship her to montana to put her in prison for a two-month sentence but to give her a choice of which prison within the state to go to just lock her in the county jail for a couple of months who cares rather eat whatever they serve holy um some of these stories are really just insane to be quite honest they’re just insane what do you think i picked these stories for because they’re insane because not only are they some well sometimes they’re important sometimes they’re just entertaining i carry both like the american express card i don’t let my show go on without it this is just dung all right let’s see shall we play a little music i like music actually yeah we’re gonna play a song oh wait let me get rid of this yes i thought my computer was off um the first song i’m going to play is a little techno based is by a woman who i’ve known since actually she’s a little girl at that time she had the name little that was her nickname like like stevie wonder had the name little stevie wonder this was little owner’s eye anyway now she’s a grown woman she has a good singing voice and she asked me if i could play something and i said yes of course and i think we should get on with it this has been the song is called pandora’s twilight this is from 2019 and this is honor tsar oh skies [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] okay is [Music] is [Music] [Music] [Music] two there you go that was honor tsar uh what else is going on in the world right now well actually a lot you know i i don’t want to leave this out because we all know we i mean it’s all over the news so you don’t need me to give great detail about the story but as we all know justice ruth benegansburg died and it was a good life kept himself in shape did everything excuse me when i what i found to be wrong about this whole all the coverage about all of everyone’s reaction not everyone but a lot many and i did it myself i was sitting at my cousin’s house when i read this news flash and the first thing i said was uh oh here you have a justice on a supreme court one of the i don’t know what word to use one of the okay we’ll use the word greatest women to ever live if you like that one influenced many did did her job with giving it her best even when she was sick later in life and all that you want to attribute to her and all people to think about was who was going to replace her she didn’t even get to live you get to be dead a day because mitch mcconnell was on the news saying with his voice bro we have to very quickly and you know whatever it is and um and that’s all i could think of really was that as i’m sitting in an hour to pass and i’m watching all the reactions social media and twitter on facebook wherever i was that with all the rest in peace uh little typings everyone was worried about what donald trump was going to do i can’t believe it yeah let us let her rest the day give it a day but actually and i know everybody wants you know a lot of people want the next justice coming in the nomination to wait till after the election but it’s not a constitutional requirement actually the pre any president is allowed to nominate someone for the supreme court and does not have to be in office when it’s confirmed they’re nominated um certainly when barack obama had a slot to fill the the republican party wanted everyone to wait the last of the election now the shoes on the other foot and you know has to be done right away but if it were up to me from a practical standpoint i would wait till after the election not because of political alliance not because of this or that simply because well if donald trump wins the election then no harm done nominate whoever you want if joe biden wins he has a clean slate he gets that pic he’s the president he has a clean slate he has a clean a clear pet you know he just has a new book to write so to say um that’s just how i see it but okay obviously i’m not in politics for a reason then again i would be an independent because i’ll go wherever the win wherever story comes up my thoughts will go over wherever it takes me wherever the wind takes it i don’t go with party lines i don’t think about that i really don’t but yes i could not believe including myself the first thing the first thought was political that’s pathetic i admit it that’s pathetic but for justice ginsburg hope she rests well she has earned it and let’s move on to the next bit of information here what else is going on well we’re still in manhattan and restaurants are slowly starting to think about opening up i know at the end of this month i’ll be allowed to open the 25 capacity i believe that the outdoor seating will expire at the end of october unless there’s an extension of it people can find a way to i guess keep it warm for their customers because i’m looking at one up one of the restaurants in the upper west side they got like bubbles plastic pods bubbles for people to sit in looks like they’re seating four at a time unless they’ve rigged it up bigger yeah well that creates social distancing but if you’re a group of four people sitting in a bubble you’re now sort of contained however yeah whatever people have to do i guess as long as it doesn’t go against any any guidelines yeah the bubbles look a decent size a little opening on the side so you can get in and out but well you have to step over a lip i guess to get in i hope nobody’s ordering hot soup get dangerous yeah well we’ll see what happens with that and then it’s been announced that there will be a 10 surcharge that restaurants will be allowed to charge their their their patrons their customers i don’t know that that 10 percent is gonna help anybody i really don’t the expenses of running a massive restaurant that’s only allowed 25 percent seating like i know of i know a place near me that can seat about i think 75 to 80 people now they will be down to 20. okay 20. maybe they order a bottle of wine maybe two tap on 10 but you still have all the expenses to pay so i don’t know that’s going to work take the smaller size places the average place you know the seats may be 16 they’re small little boys to see 20. they’re down to five six no excuse me four twenty five no let me say five twenty five percent yeah twenty people what am i saying ten percent what are they ordering yeah i mean it’s not like they’re ordering a thousand dollars an ounce carrier they’re not ordering thousand dollar bottles of wine because i packed it on hundreds here and there so i don’t know how this is going to really benefit any restaurant especially because at some point restaurants have to go back to paying rent they have to go back to paying insurance they have to have to if they have especially they have large capacity outdoor seating they’ll have to let a couple of people go again because they don’t need all the help so you’re going to see some jobs lost um i don’t know that’s a tricky one 10 i think it’s an appeasement myself but okay whatever that’s that well that’s a lot of story cool i’m getting winded over here let’s go play some let’s go play some music that’s what we’re really here to do play music listen to me babble a little bit about the in the world and let me tell you something mark david chapman apologizing to yoko owner with this part at this point in time is back to the music playing a lot of oldies tonight by the way there’ll be no new releases so we’re just playing some old stuff um i’m going back to 1950. this is a song that people have heard we’ve heard the version i remember best came from i condena turner but this is the original the original artist who sang it this is melvin little son jackson with rocking and rolling [Music] rock me baby rock me all night long rock me baby rock me all night long i want you to rock me like my back ain’t [Music] [Music] make me feel [Music] i want you to rock me rock me all night long i want you to rock me rock me all night long rock me baby like my back ain’t got no bones [Music] baby rock me slow i want you to rock me tell i want no moon [Music] my [Music] there you go that was rocking and rolling that’s what we’re doing out here we’re just rocking and rolling with all these stories sometimes i don’t know what’s worse that i’m reading these things or people are actually doing these things um here’s a story which well i got this at the time out magazine this is from the 21st so it’s from yesterday uh let’s see says this performance artist is cooking and eating her father’s cremated remains eva margaritas salt fat ashes and heat uses cannibalism to explore conjuring and mourning i’m telling you they did this in southpaw i remember them doing this in the south park years ago every week remember that oh my god you killed penny he was cremated and one day the kids thinking they were having like like chocolate milk or something they put the ashes in one says oh my god you drunk kenny anyway and then they started acting like them um it says it’s morning in america as people across the country wrestle with personal and collective senses of loss in a striking theatrical piece this week performance artist eva margarita will be processing her own grief in an unusually literal way by cooking and eating three kinds of food that she says will be made using the bones and ashes of her late father’s cremated remains you got that and that is on wednesday and she is live streaming margherita’s marathon salt fat ashes and beet a 12-hour durational piece that aims to explore archive of blackness in everyday life to some the project may sound ghoulish but its aim which draws on the artist’s afro-latinx heritage is healing and instructive okay last constructive these ashes just pour them on like pepper done through the cooking practice this conjuring aims to trace this i’m not reading it this is just stupid if you want you can pay says reserving tickets cost zero to ten dollars for donations there’s a follow-up panel discussion look up you hook up a margarita and watch her eat bad and then the next day you could watch her as she goes and she craps out dad because that’s just what’s gonna whatever she eats she’s gonna get rid of so yes easy come easy go bad holy why are she thoughts acting like that i hope he was a good guy oh man well whatever dish she’s making i hope she melts cheese on it’s like the milk cheese on everything uh let’s see a 12 hour marathon what she making she’s cooking guatemalan families and those actually take 8 to 12 hours to cook okay i was thinking the word dad tacos but okay listen if that’s what she’s got to do good luck that’s about all i get out of that one good luck oh man it’s one of those days and uh well of course i get again from the post but this came from the seattle times really it says here seattle pays x pimp 150 000 to offer alternatives to policing that is today’s story of course now that i need the thing to slide down my computer’s giving me a hard time wait here we go no no no problem with the new york post is they always want to play a video which sort of gets in the way okay seattle now has on its payroll a convicted pimp once vowed to go to war with the city a hundred and fifty thousand dollar street tsar whose mission is to come up with alternatives to policing andre taylor who appeared in the documentary american pimp about his life as gorgeous dre is getting 12 500 per month for a year along with an office in seattle’s municipal tower that’s according to the contract published by public hola comes just a year after his organization uh there it is let me get rid of that again it comes a year after his organization not this time which paid a hundred thousand to sponsor a speaker series that was called conversations in this with the streets there you go alternatives to policing i am sure there are plenty of other ways to do policing i have no doubt about it i don’t know that paying a guy who you already paid to uh [Music] not cause trouble will now should get paid to [Music] whatever he’s supposed to be doing but okay that’s what’s going on in seattle and that is that story yeah well that’s just the way it is it’s 5 30 and sometimes not all the stories get read straight through it’s just the way it goes and it’s not like i’m sitting here you know sometimes i lose a little interest this isn’t perfect journalism man this is me sitting here telling you what’s going on and i think we’re gonna play another song because i’m gonna go through songs i know jane’s ready going back to an original version normally when i play his music i go to the album black and white knight which was like a i don’t say documentary it was a concert years ago i’m going to the original version this is from 1963. this is roy orbison blue i’m so lonesome all the time since i left my baby behind on blue by you nickels saving dimes working till the sun don’t shine looking forward to happier times i’m going back someday come on [Music] if i could only see that familiar sunrise through sleepy [Music] and to be with some of my friends maybe i’d be happy then i’m going back [Music] someday [Music] is [Music] i’ll never be blue my dreams come true that was the one and only right obviously always enjoy his music so i’m looking at the news and of course the united states has passed two hundred thousand deaths with colgate 19. dr fauci calls it sobering and stunning it is not sobering it is not stunning we knew this was coming don’t be so stunned the number itself can sound sobering if someone’s actually listening but we were just under that number a couple of days ago so no it is not surprising it is sad it is tragic it’s a lot of things but sobering and stunning i don’t know about that unless you’re sobered up and stunned then and i am not joking this is not every piece of information coming out should be treated as a surprise this was coming everyone knew it just keep it keep proper perspective and yeah i think people will manage a little better what else is going on in the world i get a lot of these i like these art stories for my entertainment value as tragic as they are um a guy in kentucky was arrested after taking a five-hour bus ride to visit his parents in illinois with suitcases stuffed with body parts from a woman he believe believed to be his girlfriend all right let me get rid of that okay melvin martin jr recently hopped to greyhound bus in louisville with luggage and headed to downtown chicago that’s according to the chicago sometimes sometimes yeah uh his parents then took him and unwittingly the bags concealing dismembered body to their home and markham so they didn’t know about okay that’s even more crazy traveling body parts um tell you the kin his family soon grew suspicious because martin never unpacked the heavy bags after several days and kept guarding them well what was his plan a guy’s traveling with a body in his bag little bits and pieces of it you’re just gonna travel the country carrying a luggage where do they find who thinks of this crap that’s why i read these things they’re fodder for my academy what else is going on actually this is actually a bit of good news a judge has temporarily blocked the ban on of the us from wechat that’s the that’s a communication app like whatsapp like line like a lot of others wechat is used heavily by other chinese people in america call their family overseas not everybody has an unlimited plan and can go with data and pay all kinds of giant bills they use these apps and donald trump wanted to um ban it because of his problems with china whatever they may be but to ban this but i don’t know what banning this app would have done to make his political life easier other than to say i did it so the judge judge laurel beeler wrote that the plaintiffs a group of us-based wechat users who stand to be affected by trump’s ban has shown serious questions in their claim that the executive order threatens users first amendment rights when you don’t know what else to do just say first amendment that’s just how i that’s how i agree to understand it the places evidence reflects on wechat as effectively the only means of communication many you know in the community not only because china bans other apps but also because chinese speakers with limited english proficiency have no options other than wechat so pretty much they’re all out of necessity funneled into this app yeah i don’t ban it nobody needs to ban it it’s okay it’s doing fine but people call home 37 wow banging through stories like crazy let’s see what else is going on here oh my oh my some of these stories are just ridiculous let’s see a vermont grocery worker claims he was fired for stopping a burst leaf burlington vermont from wcax did a good deed go too far an employee at the hannaford supermarket in essex says he tried to stop a purse thief at the store but was then fired for his actions a viral post from amir shandayak shenyak excuse me is grabbing attention 20 year old kid as essex wrestler excuse me essex resident says he worked at the hannaford uh store there for four years and was then named employee of the month earlier this year but in august as he started his shift he was waved down and he was like an old lady had just got a curse just gotten stuck stolen and he’s a part-time volunteer firefighter he says his immediate reaction was to jump into and jump in and help so he looks sees the guy running across the street running across the parking lot and he just jumped in and and caught him and grabbed them and got the bag back the guy who stole the bag he got away but the bag was returned to the woman and the stall fired because they’re worried about getting lawsuits later on i don’t know what the lawsuit could be other than your honor i tried to rob somebody and this guy jumped me and i got hurt um yeah that’s just what the story is so he already has a job someone else has given him a job but wow help somebody out and get fired for it he didn’t want a reward he didn’t want any money and she offered whatever but yeah they caught the thief and that’s what’s going on so it really literally does not pay to help because he got fired and this is what’s going on in the world you’re not allowed to touch anybody that supersedes anything you could actually probably stab somebody in the middle of your grocery store but the workers even if they want to won’t touch you because they might get sued i’m glad he helped out sorry he got fired glad he got another job and the fire department there maybe you want to give him a little bonus also telling you it’s a sick world that way there’s worse than the bruiser of broken bone you may hurt someone’s feelings they may be offended they may be injured mentally i don’t know what the case is with this with the thief but yeah he deserves to be tackled the bag deserves to be returned and he deserves to go to jail i don’t know what lawsuit could possibly come out of that but okay it worked out the way it worked now um if anybody here likes what i’m doing crazy as i may be why don’t you write to me at upfront frank upfront frank and tell me what you think tell me you love me tell you tell me you hate me but tell me something you have a suggestion for a story or something um i am missing feel free to tell me that too you like my music tell me that too upfront frank and i do take requests and if you’d like to give this a try on your own you know a little microphone in your ear and by your mouth talking telling the world what you think write write to sky’s crescent radio at and someone will get back to you and tell you what goes on and what’s required work something out and why not give it a shot that’s what i did i just gave it a shot and now i’m here a little little over four years yeah a little over four years go figure so i’m looking at this story and this came out of um cbs news it says uh there was a survey and they’re saying yielded quotes shocking and saddening results and it shows that millennials and generation z uh people have a worrying lack of basic holocaust knowledge that’s according to the to the conference on jewish material claims against germany known as the claims conference okay the us millennial holocaust knowledge and awareness survey which was commissioned by the claims conference and conducted by the sean cooperman research okay is the first 50 state survey on holocaust knowledge among millennials and generation z and let me get the numbers of what people actually know well let’s see through the survey the claims conference calculated holocaust knowledge scores using percentage of millennials and generations the adults who met all three criteria they have definitely heard about the holocaust they can name at least one concentration camp i promise you it’s usher that’s one that’s the one you hear about all the time death camp or or ghetto and they know that six million jews were killed during the holocaust 63 percent of the survey respondents did not know 6 million jews were killed during the holocaust okay 36 percent thought that two million or fewer jews were killed during the holocaust 48 could not name a single camp or ghetto established during world war ii despite the fact that there were more than 40 000 of them uh what else we got here well yeah it’s not taught in schools nearly as much i’m i’m curious at disability it would have been world war ii korea vietnam so i’m wondering if they’re still teaching korea i’m wondering if they’re still teaching vietnam of course there’s been other wars since uh i’m curious i’m pretty sure vietnam would still get covered it’s it’s recent enough but how this is not being covered in schools i will never understand matter of fact i remember a few couple of years ago talking to a kid she’s about 18 19 at the time working in a coffee shop and she we’re talking you know we got to know each other a little bit tells me that she’s gonna get her first tattoo and she gets it and show and she showed it to me wasn’t anywhere that you couldn’t show and i looked at her and i said i said listen promise me you’ll never put numbers on your own never get a tattoo of numbers on your arm and she had no idea why i was saying that ever no one knew at least her and her friends did not know why which numbers on the arm was what all the people held in concentration camps were all essentially branded with numbers tattooed numbers crossed their own if you grew up if you’re in my age range and you grew up you may still see it once in a very rare while because the generations of you know years and years later around my neighborhood and i’m sure many others we saw all the older people the survivors they’re all called survivors and they had numbers on their arm little kids wouldn’t know but their parents explained to them what it was um but now people don’t really know what it is they just don’t so i showed pictures obvious for me to let that go let’s see wisconsin score is the highest in holocaust awareness while arkansas showed the lowest let’s see wisconsin minnesota massachusetts maine kansas nebraska pennsylvania idaho iowa and montana were the states with the highest knowledge scores while alaska delaware maryland new york georgia hawaii louisiana florida mississippi and arkansas had the lowest i’m surprised new york is in the lowest but okay anyway i can keep going on about this but i’m sure you get the idea of what i’m saying this is not a topic that should be pushed aside or relegated in in the education in the educational system it should be taught they should always be taught because when you see white everyone know everyone knows the term white supremacy we see them all the time they’re out there you see them wearing a swastika they’re out there they are worshiping this they’re wearing a swastika they are they are pretty much their worshipping adolf hitler this is what they’re doing this is what they i don’t know that the people around marching around the parks today saying whatever it is they’re saying actually would have the stomach to live the life one day of the holocaust in me because they don’t know i don’t know if they know what they’re that they know what they’re talking about but that’s who they’re worshiping that’s it and this should definitely be taught starting at the right ages when children can understand what they’re hearing but this is uh definitely what they should be but they should be made aware and like you heard many times before so it never happens again ah what else is going on it’s 5 48 let’s play a couple of songs first before we run out of time in a little bit anyway i’m still playing the oldies tonight this one was in 1956. it went number one on the r b chart that’s pretty cool and this is laverne baker and the gliders with jim dandy [Music] [Music] never liked to see your little girl crying to the [Music] coming down [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] go down [Music] that’s it that’s what we need right now jim daddy’s the rescue that’s the way the world is we need someone for for the rescue then again i like the john foge song gunslinger that works for me also that’s it we need wider that’s what we need wider anyway it’s 5 51. got a couple more songs to go um i can always dig up another story but they’re all pretty much the same be careful where you’re going yeah wear a mask use common sense about it don’t worry about your civil rights about it gonna go into someone’s store you know remember everyone everyone who works in a retail shop is sort of like on the short end of a funnel just pouring into them everything’s sort of trapped everyone walks in so if they’re asking you to wear a mask just shut up and put it on anyway i’m gonna play a couple more songs before i’m out right now we have one more coming up um this came this is an old song but this originally came from an album called golden empire from 1985 was a bunch of unreleased songs by ikentina turner not really quite sure what year they recorded this in i can’t i couldn’t find a date but it’s always been a good song so i’m gonna i’m gonna play i can tina turner shake a hand don’t ever be ashamed if you’ll give me a chance i’ll take care of everything you know your troubles i’ll share let me know i’ll take care of you [Music] in any place or anywhere shake her hand shake her hand shake her hand if you’ll be truthful to me [Music] [Music] oh [Music] every day [Music] hey [Music] [Music] okay [Music] hey [Music] me i don’t know what to do one more day give me [Music] there you go that was ike and tina and way back when they ain’t even these last names they’re just argentina they’ve been certain acts that don’t need last names well if you if you’re gonna go back to music steve and eating that was steve and eating gourmet they didn’t need last names they were steve and edie bonnell doesn’t have the last name prince didn’t need a last name elvis it was optional so yeah certain people don’t need last names i need a last name anyway it’s 5 56 we’re about out of here uh yeah a lot of the stories i had uh odd to say the least somewhat sadder than others some you can just laugh at i think cooking dad’s ashes as tragic as it is i could laugh at it because i’m not doing it um and that is the story yeah so i’m going to leave you with one more song since we were talking about john lennon i’ll play him last so he’ll close this out it’s a short song it’s a good song he was singing it i guess to his wife uh at the time and yeah it’s just a song about getting through the tough times so i i say goodnight to everybody and i leave you with john lennon the plastic oh no band with hold on have a good night everybody [Music] um [Music] you’re gonna make the fly when you’re by yourself and there’s no one else you just have yourself and you tell yourself just [Music] [Music] oh [Music] things [Music]