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Jade Zabric Fan Pack

Both Albums, "Up To New York" and "Singer/Songwriter physical CDs as well as digital downloads.

I will also send you a handwritten thank you note with a set of 7 "Jade Zabric" guitar picks of varies sizes and colors.

Plus I'll send my new mixes of "Beautiful", "Love Eat Sleep", "Fuel My Fire" and "Tell Me Who You Really Are" by email as Mp3s




"Jade Zabric" Guitar Picks

I will send you seven "Jade Zabric" Guitar Picks of varies sizes and colors along with a handwritten personalized note in the mail!







"Up To New York" Album

“Up To New York” Physical CD. (with downloads too)

Track List

1.War For Sale ft. A-d 04:50
2.Womb To Tomb 05:48
3.Devil Don’t Wear Prada 03:52
4.Love, Mosaic ft. Crystalla Gonzalez & Gabriel Castellar 03:18
5.Stranger 04:06
6.I Can’t Help How Much I Miss You ft. Samantha Echo & Sean Cunningham 03:38
7.I’ll Never Say I Never Loved You ft. Janna Pelle 04:01
8.Want Not Need ft. Sylvana Joyce and HouseOfSharla 04:03
9.Be My Girl – Elissa Cevallos & Jonathan Arons 04:24
10.New York 04:15
11.Say My Name 03:46
12.Singer Songwriter ft. Moriah Skye 03:27
13.Change Is On Its Way 03:23



$5      “Singer/Songwriter” Physical CD


This album is only available in person or with online in the $15 Fan Pack with both albums. 

I recorded this album in 2013 in NYC. It’s an acoustic album of 5 of my original songs

1.  Singer Songwriter
2. Ahead of My Love
3. First Only and Always
4. Change is On Its Way
5. Stranger



Hats (handmade by Jade)

I crochet hats!  Here are a few of my designs. I also take requests.

$40 (includes tax and shipping)

Click "Buy Now" below and I will contact you by the email you provide about which style and size you want. (I have more styles here)

If you have any questions before you purchase, email me at



“Too Pretty To Be Straight” Campaign Merch