I have two official music videos, “Where Have You Been For All My Life?” and “Lifetime.”

in 2015 I made a home video of my lyrics version of “Beware.”

other videos are from live performances around the NYC area or lyric videos.

Also, please take a look at the videos of interviews and live performances I’ve done on my Press Page.

  • Where Have You Been For All My Life?
      Lyrics: Verse 1: I’ve been in love once or twice before And everytime I’m left wanting more I never found what I was looking for So I stop searching, I took time and I prayed Oh I prayed Chorus: I prayed for you and you came to me I’ve been waiting here oh so […]
  • Lifetime (Music Video with Lyrics)
    I wrote “Lifetime” at the end of my relationship with my husband. It’s about wanting to rekindle the love when we were starting to spend more time apart because he took a job driving trucks long distance.  The idea for the music video is of a girl (Luzmyrca Crespo) who is reflecting on her life […]
  • Womb to Tomb Lyric Music Video