Welcome! My name is Jade Zabric. I’m a songwriter from Houston, Texas. I studied guitar at HSPVA. I also sing and play keys and drums. I’m also a US Air Force Veteran! Currently, I’m enrolled at Baruch College (CUNY).  I’ve written 100+ songs. Working on getting them all out! I work for hire and collab with other artists and songwriters. Check out my collaborations here 🙂

Usually, I’m out there busking, but since CoronaVirus hit, I’ve been staying away. To support me please check out my merch page. I sell my albums here directly and I’ll mail them to you! 

I have a monthly residency in the Lower East Side, New York City at Arlene’s Grocery with my band, The Train Walkers

Adrian from the Bronx Troy Weekes Lex Rush jLaSol Dale Novella will be missed, Samantha Echo, Bez Gebre, Parker St Charles, Ian Bamberger And we are featuring Super King Armor!!

Next show starts at 7pm!!! September 12th, 2021!

**Vaccination Card required.

Let’s Go Train Walkers!!!!




Here is a clip of the interview and performance I did for Off Stage Tunes this weekend. 


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I arranged my song, “Singer/Songwriter” for a String Quartet! I attend Baruch college, and the Alexander String Quartet from San Fransisco came to perform our pieces! 


Here are some thank you’s I’ve received in my busking days.  🙂


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