Tell Me Who You Really Are

Tell Me Who You Really Are by Jade Zabric

In my thoughts and dreams, you are not what you seem
You are everything and everything else and
You are good to me, you live on faithfully
You are everything that I wish that I could be

Up in front head lights, preaching wrong and right
You gathered ashes, you blocked off the flashes and
You are wonderful giving me all the world
In bits and pieces so I could create the mold

So where are you now?
That you’re secret’s out?

Please tell me who you really are
Who is the man inside?
You really nailed your part
You really had me blind

Cause I was the one
The one who had faith in the love that you gave
but you gave it away for nothing at all
And there was the crowd
The music too loud and you were too proud
To stand up and say that you needed to fall

You made us believe, you helped us achieve
But we were naive, we never noticed that
You were in disguise, deep within our minds
Fire in our eyes all for a common goal



released May 29, 2019
Jade Zabric: Voice and Guitar
Bass: Tariq Tucker
Drums: Alex Cohen

One thought on “Tell Me Who You Really Are

  1. i found you on clubhouse.
    at first, i just saw only your icon. then i read your profile, and came this page, and listened your music.
    i am japanese. my english may not good. sorry.
    i just wanted tell you that i like your songs and your voice. good luck.

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