Lifetime (Music Video with Lyrics)

I wrote “Lifetime” at the end of my relationship with my husband. It’s about wanting to rekindle the love when we were starting to spend more time apart because he took a job driving trucks long distance. 

The idea for the music video is of a girl (Luzmyrca Crespo) who is reflecting on her life while working out on the beach. I am not really there next to her, but I am in her head as her spirit. Samantha Echo and Dale Novella are acting as other characters in her head guiding her to stay on track and move forward. The video was produced and directed by Peter Carellini (The Carellini Co)

Guitar, Piano and Vocals: Jade Zabric Bass: Tariq Tucker Drums: Alex Cohen


The Music: (This is the order but not the timing. Listen to to the record for the rhythm)

Verse: Dm Em F Em Dm Am C Gm | Bb C G Dm 


Cm7    | F9  | Bbmaj7 | Gm  |  Em7b5  | A7  | Dm     |     

Cm7    | F9  | Bbmaj7 | Gm  |  Em7b5  | A7  | Gm     | 


It takes a lot to get me going
And as of yet I’m still not there
So babe come closer in slow motion
Show me all I need’s right here
Cause baby, it feels like a lifetime
When the space between us grows
Maybe if you could see it from my side
When I’m without you I’m not whole
You hands on me feel just like heaven
I feel so close don’t let me go
Touch me slowly break the tension
It’s alright just lose control
Baby I just want to show you
I love you more and more each day
Baby I just want to know you
In each and every single way






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