Balance Beam (Say My Name)

Balance Beam (Say My Name) by Jade Zabric


I’m a balance beam, I’m a sex bean
Busting out the scene, I’m the next thing
Living out my dream, Here in NYC
To infinity, or at least beyond the sea
Somewhere waiting for me
My Love, My Home, My Deam
I love my life, I get high and do calculus
Already I have found happiness
Don’t you worry about me, no
And in good time…

Please excuse me for trying to cut in line
See I’ve been going about this for a long time
Over half of my life and now I’m about to
Get it right, get it right, get it right
I may have may a couple wrong turns a couple of times
But I learned to live I learned to love I learned to survive
Now I love to live and I love my life

I fall fast, I fall hard
I fall in and out of fast life
Quicker every time I go around
I’d really love to love you if you’re down

If you opened the door I could show you some more
I could blow you away, baby just way my name
I wanna hear you say more, I wanna hear you say Jade
I’m so happy you came, baby just say my name

I won’t stop till the whole world hears my sound
You can try but you cannot bring me down
I’ve got love in all the right places
Waiting for me with all the world’s graces
Living it up, city to city and town to town
Giving it up and tearing it inside out
Come on now, Come on now, this is how life sounds
Well do me a favor if you like this track
record it for later so you can go right back to now
or now, or now, ain’t music a trip



released January 1, 2020
Produced by Jade Zabric
Tariq Tucker: Bass
Alex Cohen: Drums


Recorded at Funkadelic Studios NYC

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